Inflatable Bounce Castle with Slide
I needed this castle for my little terrors – 3-year-old Peter, and Kyle who just clocked 6. When I got it, you could see the gratitude in their expressions with their faces all beaming with smiles.”Mum this is wonderful,” said Peter and I couldn’t agree more- it was indeed a masterpiece. The first amazing thing about the inflatable bounce is its compact size. So no worries when the weather becomes unfavorable at any time – you could easily move it into your garage or basement. Also, you don’t need a big space in your yard before your kids could have fun.
Again it is spacious enough to accommodate three kids without them bumping into each other. However, I wasn’t so pleased with the opening at the entrance which was only held together with Velcro. Hence, perhaps a child pumps against it, he/she could trip off and sustain injuries. I had
to place a mattress outside to prevent any unfortunate occurrence.
Another feature of the bouncy castle is that it is designed with a‘blower’ and rapidly inflates. It is also easy to dismantle. The Bower is noise-proof and retains good air pressure even as children jump on the castle. The price was relatively cheap – Far less than I could think of, for the design and make of the bouncy castle. I have had no regrets for this great purchase.
Some vital Specifications:
  • Maximum Players: 3
  • Dimensions: 12′ X 9′ and 7′ High
  • Maximum Weight: 250lbs
  • Inflation Time: 2 Minutes
  • The purchase comes with ground stakes, carry bag and UL
    blower motor.